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Why Buy A Used Truck

Top 5 Perks of Buying a Used Truck

Buying a truck for your business or even your personal use is a big decision. Brand-new trucks are often expensive, especially if you want to add special packages and options. An alternative solution is to buy a quality used truck from Stanley Direct Auto. If you’ve never considered a used truck before, think about the benefits of owning a used truck in Garland, Austin, and Mesquite.

Save Money When You Choose a Used Truck

If you’re just starting out in your business or buying your first truck, you may not want to spend all that money on a new model. You can get a used truck for a much lower cost while still benefiting from the quality and dependability of a pickup. Even a model that is just a year or two old is usually several thousands of dollars lower in price, while still providing all the bells and whistles you want and need.

Buying Used Gives You More Options

You may have to wait several weeks or months if you buy a new truck because of limited availability. With so many used trucks available, you can often drive home the model you want today. You also get more options to choose from in your price range. The highest trim levels may cost no more than the base model when it’s new. Used trucks are priced with everything on them. That means, if you get a truck with a special towing package or technology package, it’s reflected in the price. You don’t pay extra for those features on a used model.

Avoid Depreciation

Another benefit of a used truck is that a lot of the depreciation has already occurred. You’re less likely to owe more on a loan than what the truck is worth. You’ll find it easier to get approved for financing, especially if it’s your first truck. And for commercial buyers, they can often afford to buy two or three trucks to add to their fleet rather than just one new one.

You Can Find a Lot More Information on Older Models

When you shop for a used truck, you can do a lot of research and see what critics and other owners have to say about a model. You’ll find a lot of information online about used models that can help you make a decision about which one to buy. And you won’t lose out on the new technology and amenities if you buy one that is just a couple of years old.

Buy a Used Truck from a Reputable Dealer Like Stanley Direct Auto

If you decide to buy a used truck, choose a dealer that backs their vehicles. Stanley Direct Auto offers a 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty on every truck we sell. This warranty gives you peace of mind that you’re driving a reliable vehicle for work or pleasure. The warranty covers the engine, transmission, brakes, and other important components on your truck. We inspect each truck that comes to our dealership to make sure it’s ready for the road. Talk to our finance department about a loan or fill out our online application for pre-approval. Let Stanley Direct Auto put you into a quality used truck you can depend on.