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The current success of the Honda automobile company was not without its own series of trials and tribulations throughout its development, but a foothold within the industry helped form its solid international reputation. The over 50-year-old company started small, but today has hundreds of thousands of vehicles on the road, with continuing innovation for a diverse audience. Take some time to learn about Honda’s small beginnings, and why the legacy behind the Honda brand would make the vehicle a great fit for Stanley Auto Group drivers from Dallas, Mesquite, and McKinney.

History of Honda

Honda got its manufacturing start as a piston supplier to Toyota starting in 1937 under the watchful eye of company founder Soichiro Honda. Devastated by a Toyota takeover and the aftermath of World War II, Honda began to operate as a motorcycle manufacturer that would soon become the most popular supplier worldwide. Their first automobile, the T-360, sold a large number of vehicles in a very short time and would continue to develop and build their vehicles to fit a broad audience in many different countries. In the 90s, in spite of its popularity, Honda found itself behind the curve and was in danger of collapse. Through consumer-driven marketing they achieved a major culture shift within the company and released the Odyssey and CR-V to help reach a wider audience.

First Honda Models

The first available automobile from Honda was released in 1963, the T-360 two-door pickup truck. The T-360 featured a 356cc AK250E DOHC inline-four engine that had previously been seen in an S-360 roadster prototype. The small pickup was available from 1963 to 1967 and sold over 100,000 units. The T-360 had four iterations, a conventional pickup truck, a flatbed truck, a covered van, and a more expensive snow-crawler version featuring tracked propulsion units at the back of the vehicle. The release of the T360 predated the company’s first car, the S500 Sport, by only four months.

Most Popular Honda Models

While Honda has had a ton of successful vehicles in its lineup, there are three major standouts that top Honda’s selling lists across the world. The Honda Civic is a long-time staple of the Honda brand and is loved by commuters, families, and even performance enthusiasts. The vehicle is available in several iterations and is a popular vehicle to modify and customize. The second of Honda’s top names is the Honda CR-V, which is a compact SUV that has above-average fuel efficiency, a great price point, and room for the entire family and their cargo. Lastly, the Honda Accord is a favorite among the brand and serves as a roomy, powerful sedan with an impressive fuel economy among competitors.

Honda Today

Honda today is known for supplying vehicles among a wide range of classes that are easily accessible and affordable and to great success. Honda offers the Honda Ridgeline pickup truck, the Honda Odyssey Minivan, the Accord Sedan, the Honda Civic, and the CR-V. Honda also offers a two-door compact SUV, the HR-V, and many models including the Accord and CR-V are available as Hybrid Models. In the not-so-distant future, Honda looks ahead to developing several all-electric vehicle lineups.