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Benefits Of In House Financing

Benefits of In-House Auto Financing

You’ll find all kinds of options for financing a used vehicle. Besides your local bank or credit union, numerous finance companies exist. Don’t forget about in-house financing at your local dealership. In fact, this may be the best option to help you get a great deal on a used vehicle in Austin, Dallas, or Mesquite. Stanley Direct Auto has our own finance department to help you get approved for a quality used vehicle.

Get It All Done in One Place

One of the big reasons to finance with an in-house finance department is for convenience. You visit the dealership and find the vehicle you want. Instead of going to a separate finance company and waiting for approval, hoping the vehicle is still available when you get approved, you can get approved and drive home in that vehicle you want right away. Many loans are approved the same day as you apply.

Get Approved with a Lower Credit Rating

Many banks and financial institutions will deny you a loan if you have less than perfect credit. In-house finance departments will often approve buyers even if they’ve had credit problems in the past. Stanley Direct Auto’s finance team has access to multiple loan products to fit a variety of situations and credit ratings. You’re more likely to get approved and have affordable monthly payments when you finance with our team.

Rebuild Your Credit

Since we approve people who have a lower credit rating or poor credit history, you have the opportunity to work on rebuilding your credit. We report to the major credit bureaus, so your on-time payments will be reflected in your credit history. After making several payments on time, you can start to see an improvement in your rating. Once you pay off the loan, you’ll find it easier to get approved for a newer or even a brand-new vehicle. As long as you pay your other bills on time and maintain your newly improved history, you’ll enjoy the advantages of good credit.

You Have More Options with Stanley

When you apply for a loan with an in-house finance department, you have more options for what kind of vehicle you can buy. To start, you can get pre-qualified and find out how much you can afford to spend on a used vehicle. This allows you to look at different vehicles within that price range. Once you find a model you like, you can complete the loan process. Stanley Direct Auto has a large selection of models to help you get exactly what you want. You can look at our inventory online or stop by and visit us to find that car, truck, or SUV you want with the features and amenities you’d like to have. If you’re considering buying a used vehicle, fill out our online application for financing. You’re under no obligation to accept a loan, but it can give you an idea of what you’ll qualify for. Let Stanley Direct Auto put you into a quality used vehicle you like with a loan you can afford.