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Buying a used SUV can be a practical and smart decision if you need a newer commuter or more space for a growing family. You’ll find a wide range of used Ford SUVs to fit your needs if you live around McKinney, Plano, or Garland. You can find the right set of wheels for your lifestyle at Stanley Direct Auto.

When choosing a vehicle that's right for you, you can't go wrong with a Ford SUV. Ford SUVs began as two-door compact SUVs before developing into midsize, finally turning into the modern larger crossover we know and love today. Ford SUVs have been known for their style, capability, and space since their production in 1990. If you’re looking for a used Ford SUV in the Mesquite area, then look no further than Stanley Direct Auto.

The History of Ford SUVs

Ford SUVs have been around a lot longer than you think, with the production of the Ford Bronco in 1966. The first edition Bronco was offered in three different body styles a roadster, a station wagon, and a pickup. The later generations of Broncos would build upon the success of the Bronco’s first design, including the interior style, until it was discontinued in 1996. During that time, Ford came out with the Explorer in 1991 which is still a huge success to this day. The Ford Explorer started out close to its trucking roots and was built as a body-on-frame a lot like commercial trucks. By 2000, Ford started the production of the Excursion, a massive SUV that stood out from the crowd of midsize SUVs. No SUV has ever been as long and as heavy as the Ford Excursion. During the end of the Production of the Excursion, Ford introduced the Escape, which led the way for the modern SUV crossovers we know today. Since its changes in 2009, the Ford Escape has become one of the most popular SUVs on the road today.

Why Buy A Used Ford SUV?

Ford SUVs have always been praised for their attractiveness and versatility showing off their style from the inside out. Ford SUVs are perfect vehicles for just one person or the whole family. When you choose a used Ford SUV, you’re choosing to have endless space for the activities you and your family do on the weekends in Dallas. You can decide between a five-seater, or seven-seater, enjoying an abundance of legroom and cargo space for all. Depending on the SUV you choose, one or all the rows of seats may fold down for extra cargo space and larger objects. There’s a reason Ford SUVs are a favorite across the country, there is so much you can get out of a Ford SUV. See for yourself how a used Ford SUV can be perfect for you at Stanley Direct Auto.

As you begin shopping, you’ll find several reasons to buy a used Ford SUV. First, you get more vehicle for the money with a pre-owned model. You don’t have to pay for all the depreciation since at least a third is spent in the first year. Because of depreciation, the used model holds its value longer than a new model.

You get the bottom line with the price of a used SUV. All the options and packages are included with the price. When you buy a new vehicle, the sticker price is just the base price. When you add special features and packages, you pay more. Because you can see the final price right at the start, you can look at higher-end models.

Often, insurance premiums are lower on a used vehicle because it costs less to repair than with a new model. A lower cost to repair also means you won’t spend as much when you take it to the service center.

A benefit of used vehicles that many people may not think of is having more information. You can check out sites like JD Powers to see the average cost to own or reliability scores. You’ll have access to reviews from customers and experts to tell you what they like and don’t like about a particular model. You can look at the CARFAX Vehicle History Report to see if there are any recalls or prior collisions.

Used Ford SUVs For Sale Near Mesquite, TX

At Stanley Direct Auto we offer our drivers an abundance of used Ford SUVs to choose from. Are you looking for a compact SUV with low miles? Check out our Ford Escape S, perfect as a daily driver at just the right price. If you need something bigger for those family trips then the Ford Expedition XLT may be the SUV for you. We pride ourselves on choosing only the best condition used Ford SUVs for our drivers of the Plano community. All of our used Fords are inspected and held to the highest standards. Take your pick from our outstanding selection of used Ford SUVs for sale.

Look for a Certified Pre-Owned Ford SUV Near Dallas, TX

If you want peace of mind and a lower price, consider a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. CPO models can be no more than five years old and must have less than 80,000 miles on the odometer. They also undergo a stringent inspection with any worn parts replaced. You get a warranty with CPO models, which will help you feel more confident about the vehicle you choose.

Here at Stanley Direct Auto, we carry a nice selection of CPO Ford vehicles, including SUVs. You can check out a Ford Escape or Edge if you want a compact model for greater efficiency. Consider the Ford Explorer or Expedition if you need three rows for your family. These SUVs have what you need with advanced safety and entertainment technology. We’ll take care of financing with our in-house finance department. You can fill out our online application to get started and find out how much you qualify for.

When you stop by looking for a used Ford SUV for sale, ask about our warranties at Stanley Direct Auto. Let Stanley Direct Auto help you get into the used Ford SUV that’s right for you. Stop in today and check out our inventory to find your next set of wheels.